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  • What machines will the Bercomac ATV or UTV (SxS) Snowblowers fit?

The Bercomac Snowblowers are universal fitment to any ATV or UTV with a 2" trailer ball on the back and a winch in the front. The Bercomac Versatile ATV, Vantage UTV and Premium ATV/UTV Snowblowers all use a push tube that connects to the rear hitch and goes under the ATV or UTV to the front where the Bercomac Snowblower body is located. In the front you connect your winch for unweighting the Bercomac Snowblower dolly wheels when needing to turn or traverse small obstacles. Also upfront you have (2) anti-sway straps that you connect to the ATV suspension control arms on each side to give support to the Snowblower when turning, this prevents the push tube from bending. The Bercomac Snowblower should be slightly wider than the ATV or UTV and at least 6" wider than your ATV or UTV if you run tracks also.

  • Do you need to modify machine for the Bercomac ATV or UTV Snowblower?

Only if your machine does not currently have a hitch or winch. If your machine does not have a trailer hitch on the back then you will need to mount a hitch with a 2" ball. Additionally, you will need a winch with a minimum of 1,500lbs lifting capacity. Most customers use 2,500-3,500lbs units on ATV's and 3,500-4,500lbs on UTV's or Side by Side machines. Items that are mounted on the machine for the operation of the Bercomac Snowblower are the quick disconnect battery cable ran from the battery to the front of machine and the control box that is mounted on the machine handle bars for ATV's or the machine's dash if a UTV or SxS (Side by Side) machine.

  • What powers the Bercomac ATV or UTV Snowblower?

The Bercomac Snowblowers or UTV Snowblowers can come equipped with factory mounted 14Hp to 22.5Hp Kohler cold weather motors or 20Hp Honda motors. If purchasing one of the Bercomac Snowblowers without a motor, than any 1" horizontal shaft gas motor in 13Hp-23Hp range is acceptable to use.

  • How difficult is the UTV Snowblower to install or remove from my machine?

It is very quick and easy to install or remove the Bercomac Snowblower from your ATV or UTV. The Bercomac Snowblowers or UTV Snowblower unit sits on caster wheels with a long push tube attached. You drive up to the unit straddling the push tube and attach it to your rear hitch. Up front you attach 2 support straps to your front left and right suspension control arms and connect the quick disconnect controls and battery cable along with the winch through the lifting eye. Attaching the blower to your machine takes about 3-5 minutes and can be removed in about the same amount of time. Initial installation with wiring will take about an hour.

  • How is the performance of the Bercomac ATV or UTV Snowblowers?

The Bercomac Snowblowers or UTV Snowblowers will throw snow 80-100ft and can also handle wet heavy snow! The units with the factory mounted Kohler motors do very well in extreme cold weather due to their heated air intake allowing for smooth operation in the sub-zero temperatures. The Honda motors are very well known for being extremely reliable and easy to start, however if you have extreme cold temps then you will want to add the cold weather kit which directs hot exhaust toward the intake to help prevent intake icing.

  • How do you control the Bercomac ATV or UTV Snowblower when driving?

The Bercomac Snowblowers or UTV Snowblowers have a control box with joystick controlled discharge chutes, electric clutch engagement button and motor kill switch. The chutes have an electric motor that turns the chute left or right with the joystick and up or down allowing for control of the snow discharge distance. The joystick controls can be mounted to the ATV handlebars or tubular rack and the UTV control box is usually mounted on the dash. When you are ready to operate your blower you start the Bercomac mounted motor with the electric key switch mounted on the blower unit. Once the blower is warmed up and ready then you can proceed to drive the machine where needing to move snow and pull the clutch button to engage the augers, direct the shoot where you want the snow and begin driving forward at ~3-5mph.

  • Is a auxiliary battery recommended or needed?

No, it is a personal preference. Some people like to get an auxiliary battery and battery mount for the Bercomac Snowblowers so they can warm up the blower while they get their ATV or UTV and hook it up to the unit. However, most people just use the supplied battery cable which you mount on your ATV or UTV and it allows the Bercomac Snowblower motor to start using the ATV or UTV battery and also runs a charge to the ATV or UTV battery while operating the Bercomac Snowblower. Since operation speed keeps the ATV or UTV motor RPM's very low, the extra charge from the Bercomac Snowblower motor allows for sufficient re-charging of your ATV or UTV battery so as to not prematurely wear out the machine's battery.